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One of the most important things we can do as members of Women United is to connect and engage with our community.

Our Track to Transform tool will allow us to measure these vital efforts when you record and submit the hours you spend in charitable and philanthropic pursuits.

So, why is this important for our cause? Most of you are aware that Mississippians are among the most generous people in the nation. Mississippi is often ranked #1 in charitable giving per capita. However, we are ranked #44 in volunteering!

But, we don’t believe that’s actually the case. Instead, we believe that we have simply failed to capture the incredible amount of time that each of us are investing in our communities.

 Women United Track and Transform aims to change all that!

By tracking your time with the form below, you can help transform our area by ”moving the needle” on philanthropy, leadership, and volunteerism in Northeast Mississippi.

Agencies and organizations throughout our area will greatly benefit from our documented efforts. It is data that can be vital to them for grant applications and funding requests.

You are accomplishing great things for your community.

Thank you for helping us gather that important information by using Track and Transform through email or text.