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Leadership Has Its Benefits

Your Leadership Level gift to United Way distinguishes you as a philanthropist. You are interested in uncovering the root causes of community issues and are committed to solving them.

As a Leadership Donor you work both behind-the scenes and in the trenches.  Your philanthropic interests can be matched to a specific service area as your leadership gift is channeled into meaningful, measurable community impact.

Leadership Donors lead by example, shaping the path to the future of our community and impacting lives.  Leadership giving is possible for as little as $10 per week and can do so much in Northeast Mississippi.

Leadership Cabinet 2020

Lisa and Jack Reed, Leadership Cabinet Co-Chairs
  • Lisa and Jack Reed, Co-chairs
  • Pam and Michael Brown
  • Carol and Thomas Byrne
  • Rita and Tommy Chamblee
  • TJ and Ronnie Stricklen
  • Cheryl and Kenneth Wheeler
  • Angie and Brad Stevens


NEW FOR 2020: This year your increase in giving will be matched when you step up to the next giving level!

2019 Leadership Investment 2020 Leadership Investment 2020
Amount Increased
Amount Matched
Doric Level
Ionic Level
$1000 $1000
In this example, our Leadership Donor made a new STEP UP investment of $1,000 for 2020. This gift was matched, creating a total investment of $2,000 in United Way of Northeast Mississippi.


Leadership Giving Levels

  • Alexis de Tocqueville Society:   $10,000 and above
  • Pillar Society – Corinthian:   $5,000 – $9,999
  • Pillar Society – Ionic:   $2,500 – $4,999
  • Pillar Society – Doric:   $1,000 – $2,499
  • Granite Society – Cornerstone:   $750 – $999
  • Granite Society – Foundation:   $500 – $749


What your Leadership Gift can do:

  • For the cost of a $10 meal each week for a year ($520), you can feed 36 families for a week.
  • For the cost of a $50 movie night for a family of 4 each month for a year ($600), you can provide 14 individuals with a doctor’s visit and medication.
  • For the cost of a $20 pizza night for a family of 4 each week for a year ($1,040), you can provide 7 children with a night of shelter.

Leadership and Women United

Membership in Women United is based on an annual Leadership investment in United Way of Northeast Mississippi. If you are a woman and a Leadership Donor, either individually or with a spouse combined gift, you are automatically included in this premier leadership society. Visit our Women United page to learn more.

2020 Leadership Step Up Donors – THANK YOU!!

Carol Farris
Elizabeth Cummings
Mandy Keith
Amy Benjamin
Tena Holmes
Jacob Devers
David Corliss
Shawn Ellis
Susan Ervin
Robert Hurdle
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Murry
Amanda Kelly
Dan and Becky Rollins
Dr. and Mrs. Dan Brasfield
Patrick and Carla Falkner
Mr. and Mrs. Mitch Waycaster
Emily Zizzi
Mr. and Mrs. Guy W. Mitchell III
Dr. and Mrs. Mark Shepherd
Mrs. J.W. Young, Jr.
John and Delores Smith
Dr. Glenn S. and Mary Farrell Thomas
Hamilton and Jennifer Black
Paul and Bonnie Mize
Mr. and Mrs. Randy G. Morgan
Blakely Young
Emily Floyd
Margaret and Hal Peel
Larry and Shelly Coggin
Cathy and Mike Fitzpatrick
Zeb and Stephanie Atkinson
Rick and Chris Maynard
Dr. and Mrs. Charles Robertson
Dr. and Mrs. Marcus Britton
Robin and Anne Haire
Dr. Stephen and Maggie Amann
Jim and Beth Stone
Karen Hodges
Dr. and Mrs. Nels Thorderson
Bill Rice
Frank and Sheri Boettcher
Dr. and Mrs. David Irwin
Kristy and Ed Ivansic
Ann and Hughes Milam
Dr. C.K. and Elsie White
Thomas and Carol Byrne
Richard Dale Ferrall
Suzanne M. Smith
Clyde W. Biddle
Gary E. Blake
Forrest Timmons
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Kline, Sr.
Carey Bailey
Jeffrey Richard Kamm
Barry Bedford
Dr. and Mrs. Joe Bailey
Jason Carlock
Leeah Fowler
Charles Sims Meredith
Josh and Kelly Hutcheson
Leland Dees
Tracey L. Hall
Evie Storey
Renee M. Dill
Dorothy P. Moore
Patrick L. Halford
Jonathan and Amy Hagood
Bernard Bean
Jeff Cox
Jack Calvert
Chris Partin
Robin Barnett
Connie Davidson
Emily Davis
Eva Dale Butler
Bridgitt Fleming
Teresa Ware
Melody Bigham
Betty Pate
Kevin Shane Homan
Pamela Stegall
Kathryn Dancy
Jennifer Higginbotham
Rickie Patterson
Mark Yeager
Peggy Pounds
Tollie White
Scott Edwards
William M. Chaffin
James Waddle
Amy Fagan
Michelle McMinn
Donna Kelley
James Marin Thornell
Christine Linder
Marco Lopez Velazquez
Linda Willis
Dr. Jay Douglas
Marti A. Downs
Carol J. Smith
Tommy and Rita Chamblee
Jennie Bradford and John Curlee
Bruce Toppin and Mary Ann Plasencia
Eva Jo Surunis, Pharm.D.
Terry Miller, FNP, PhD
Marsha Tapscott
Dr. Marianne Barnes, M.D. and Robert Hajek
Anita Monroe
Karen Weeks
Scott and Teresa Cochran

2019 Leadership Donors