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Due to unforeseen circumstances, we will NOT hold our regular board meeting for August. We will pick up with our regularly scheduled September meeting on Wednesday, September 1st.

However, we do have three issues that need your vote. Please use the form below to select your votes and submit.

Your vote will count as your August board attendance so please reply to be counted as present.

August Board Meeting Vote

Issue #1: Cyber Crime Policy

United Way Worldwide has recommended that United Ways have provisions in place for cyber-attacks/ransom attacks. We have researched cyber crime policies and have the following recommendation.
Vote: Purchase of a $2,000,000 (2 million) cyber crime coverage policy issued through Ross & Yerger at a cost of $4,333.63 annually.(Required)

Issue #2: Use of Endowment Fund Interest

We have a pressing need to make two purchases. Using the available interest from our Endowment Fund allows us to meet this need without any amendments or additions to the current budget.

Endowment Fund Interest Available:
CREATE - $3,023
Hardy Reed - $7,191
Total: $10,214

Proposed Expenses:
MacBook Pro plus adapter - $3,300
Office refrigerator/cooler – est. $800 - $900
Approximate Total not to exceed: $4,200

Vote: Purchase of proposed expenses, not to exceed $4,200, using the interest from Endowment Funds.(Required)

Issue #3: Remove Surplus Inventory from assets

We have two items (a cubicle system and a filing cabinet) that can be removed from our asset list and donated to local agencies.
Vote: Remove the cubicle system and filing cabinet from our asset list as excess inventory.(Required)


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