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The Cox family has a permanent home with room for every member of their family, thanks to Habitat for Humanity and United Way donors.

The Coxes have three young kids, two sons and a daughter. The family of five were living in a rundown home at Lake Piomingo that only had two bedrooms and one bathroom to share. The parents were letting the kids take turns sleeping in the second bedroom, with the other children sleeping in the living room until their turn. They just didn’t have enough rooms for everyone to have his or her own private space.

The family only had one car, as well, which meant that the father, Russell, had to take the kids to school and commute quite a way to his job in East Tupelo.

Fortunately, the family was able to apply for assistance through Habitat for Humanity, which enables families to purchase a newly-built home with a no-interest loan. The family has to agree to help build the home and keep up their mortgage payments. But the interest-free mortgage makes affording a home much easier for families with less money.

The Coxes’ new home is located just 3 minutes from dad Russell’s job and around the corner from the kids’ school, which saves them time and gas money each week. And, perhaps most importantly, everyone has their own bedroom!

“It’s a home. It’s where my kids can grow up. It’s gonna be stable. It will always be here,” Russell shared.

Thanks to Habitat and United Way, the Cox family has a permanent home of their own that they can be proud of and call home for many years to come!